Our conferences are designed to bring together and leading corporate professionals network on specific matters that pertain to trade and industry, and go a long way in offering a unique opportunity for developing a wide range of professional relationships. Conferences are a way for working professionals, students and individuals to take a break from their daily routine and tasks. In a way, they gain an alternative experience as well as the chance to learn and share with others of different or similar backgrounds. Expert panel presentations, keynote addresses, exhibits, and social events all provide an opportunity to interact with the leaders and innovators in various areas of interest.



We see exhibitions as an effective tool to bring together manufacturers, prospective buyers, and industry specialists. Our belief is that exhibitions enhance the possibilities of reaching out to people who would normally not be accessible through conventional means. Exhibitors participating in the exhibitions receive the opportunity to elevate their status and image, by personally reaching out to their audience. Interacting with representatives of similar or competing industries is another benefit for exhibitors. Visitors have the chance to be informed on top-notch products and services from the representatives themselves, and the ability to engage in a discussion. In some ways, this may arise to new business opportunities and ideas.

Corporate Events

It is our philosophy that the empowering virtues of physical display and face to face meetings are the strongest in establishing good working relationships. Our corporate events unit is managed by a team who understand the requirements of businesses, and are dedicated to addressing their specific needs. As a result, Prince has gained widespread experience in creating innovative corporate programs for both small firms and large corporations, and in managing them from concept to execution. Special events are our forte, and whatever the occasion – VIP visit, gala dinner, grand launch, or team-building exercise – we add our own brand of flair to make it unforgettable for you, and for your guests.

Besides the traditional activities associated with event management, our team can also assist with venue scouting, location identification, creative inputs, managing logistics, and providing assistance with budgeting, accommodation, and catering.
Over the years, our people have come to understand the needs of clients, the necessity of the smallest details, and how to nurture particularly complex projects. Consequently, Prince has gained widespread prominence as an event manager par excellence.



Events are key in helping communities generate awareness and raise funds. With the goal to enhance your reputation in the not-for-profit world, Prince can utilize its creativity to deliver an exciting and impactful event while being conscious of the need to maximize the amount of money raised, and keeping costs to a minimum. Prince can leverage support from a wide base of partners, allowing unrivaled access to luxury event venues, services and talent worldwide, so that charity fundraising events can gain valuable exposure through high-profile guests, insider access and reputable event sponsorship or partnerships.

Workshops offer the same benefits of conferences and exhibitions, with the added advantage of an intimate setting. Usually, workshops are smaller in size and allow individuals to spend quality interactions with one another. There is always an effective outcome from a direct approach. Our workshops cover principles, tools, and techniques that help projects and teams become more effective. To meet these goals, we work with you and your teams in developing a unique training strategy.

We then provide a custom-tailored workshop that incorporates your local vision and values, allowing your teams to implement plans and strategies in their ongoing projects. Our workshops are designed to facilitate the analysis, discovery, and adoption of solutions to your own specific project management problems. They are two to three-day-long sessions, allowing our top consultants to facilitate the delivery of ideas and solutions that your own team will develop. This approach has been successful in the adoption of the changes that your team needs to incorporate in their own practices.

Prince storms the stage when it comes to managing entertainment events. We have a strong niche position in providing integrated logistics and air freight solutions for the entertainment industry. Our dedicated team under Prince operates from a regional base that meets the requirements of event organizers, promoters and managers.
Logistics for the entertainment industry is a complex, fast-moving and dynamic business that is combatted with Prince’s existing resources to deal with any demand.
Prince is involved in every stage of the process, all the way from the start of the planning phase. We have the knowledge to provide advice to tour promoters and production managers on the most cost-efficient mode to transport specialized equipment such as sound systems, lighting, staging, musical instruments, and other stage props.
Our dedicated team then follows on every leg of the tour, to lead and supervise the processes that involve customs clearance, delivery to sites, collection from sites and packing, which are all carried out within a strict time frame. Keeping all the issues in mind, contingency planning is always provided.


Prince Events Management has consulted to clients across the globe that are developing new performing arts companies, venues, festivals, and other major events. The expertise of our consulting team is extensive and covers all areas.
Our consultancy team also helps corporate clients access the power and prestige of the performing arts and entertainment industries through our global network and unrivaled access to the world’s leading talent.

We source the best opportunities for clients and develop unique and innovative packages to meet client businesses, brand positioning, marketing, communications and customer engagement, and hospitality objectives.
From one-day seminars to multi-day and multi-location events, our planning consulting services span across a broad range of event production and management support, from conception to post-event wrap-ups.

Description of this services, Description of this services, Description of this services, Description of this services, .We provide a range of sound and lighting design services for touring concerts, theatre productions, TV broadcast and permanent installations into studios, theatres, music venues, clubs, universities, and schools.
With decades of experience embedded in our team, from working on a comprehensive range of stage design, we have acquired a depth of expertise ideal for designing lighting, sound, special effects, stages, and rigging.
Whether it’s a one-week exhibition, an ongoing concert tour or a permanent installation, we can create exceptional technical design alongside our crew, as well as provide the equipment hire and the installation services.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Graduation ceremony, in simple words, marks the completion of a student’s journey through an academic program. The occasion marks the receiving of an academic degree that is celebrated among a large spectator of friends and family.
We welcome academic universities and schools to allow us to use the A to Z approach, which results in the collaborative arrangement of a wonderful day of memories.

We are aware of the importance of our customer’s work, and ensure that every piece we create will influence people’s attitude towards the brand. We are very careful with our projects and pay attention to every detail before the delivery. Prince is prepared to deal with all kinds of companies and organizations while keeping up with their expectations at high qualities and a reasonable cost.
We create messages that can be both attractive and simple for the wide and varied audience that coexist at present. We are prepared to elaborate effective and profitable strategies using traditional and non-traditional resources.

A great opening ceremony and product launch event will reflect the quality of the product introduced by the producer.
Prince can accommodate the way the producer wants to display and communicate the new product to the customer. We arrange and organize the theme according to the market targeted. Those services can include grand openings, product displays, branding, unit selling, launching ceremonials and other related activities to ensure product recognition among the customers.
We develop and execute grand opening plans and strategies that build awareness of company facility, media placement, media vehicles, direct mail, posters, email announcement, social media announcements and any other media incorporated in the plan.